The Romans - Boudicca

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This musical will transport children back in time almost 2000 years where they will learn all about brave queen Boudicca and her attempts to defend the Iceni tribe against the Romans.

Children will love dressing up as Roman soldiers and members of the Iceni tribe. They will even take part in the battle of Watling Street during song 5!

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The Boudicca download package includes everything you'll need to get rehearsing straight away- scripts, backing tracks, performance tracks and performance notes.

Duration:20 mins approx- perfect for an assembly
Cast numbers:The cast list could be adapted to include between 25 and 60 children
Age group:Keystage 2

Boudicca was fierce,
Boudicca was strong,
Six foot tall, hair so long,
Colourful dress,
Cloak so bright,
Boudicca was a formidable sight!



1 Meet Boudicca An introduction to our heroine. She and her husband King Prasutagus rule over the Iceni tribe in East Anglia.
2 The Romans A song about the Roman invasion of Britain. King Prasutagus is an ally of the Romans so they do not invade the land belonging to the Iceni Tribe.
3 The promise Prasutagus has died and the Romans decide to invade and take the land belonging to the Iceni tribe. They whip Boudicca and her daughters and take their money and land.
4 Burn it down Boudicca and the Iceni tribe are very angry at the way they have been treated by the Romans. To get revenge, they burn down the great Roman city of Colchester.
5 The Battle Boudicca and the Iceni tribe now march towards London. Their plan is to burn this city down too. Roman General Suetonius hears of the plan and leads his army to meet Boudicca in the fierce battle of Watling Street.
6 It's a sad, sad end The Iceni tribe are badly defeated by the Roman army. Poor Boudicca does not want to be captured by the Romans so she drinks from a bottle of poison.

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