The Great Fire Of London

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It's 1666 and Thomas Farriner, a London baker has swept his bakery floor and climbed the stairs to bed. While he sleeps a fire breaks out in the bakery kitchen- marking the beginning of this very famous story.

Through 6 catchy songs children will learn all about Thomas Farriner, Samuel Pepys the diarist, and life in London at this time. They will also uncover the reasons why the great fire grew and spread so quickly.

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Duration:20 mins approx- perfect for an assembly
Cast numbers:The cast list could be adapted to include between 25 and 60 children
Age group:Keystage 1 or 2

Fire, fire, everybody out!
That's the message that they shout.
Run, run, everybody run!
The fire of London has begun.



1 Life just carried on Londoners go about their daily lives in a busy town with smoke and soot filling narrow, over-crowded streets.
2 Thomas Farriner An introduction to Thomas Farriner and his bakery on Pudding Lane. Thomas prepares for bed, but during the night a great fire starts in the bakery kitchen.
3 Fire, fire! A dramatic song- there is chaos and panic as the great fire breaks out and starts to spread.
4 We've got to stop it spreading We join Londoners and Firefighters as they try to fight the fire, save their possessions and escape to the nearby fields as the great fire continues to grow.
5 Days of Fire Samuel Pepys the diarist writes about the fire as it grows bigger and then finally comes to an end when the wind drops. People of London had bravely blown up their houses with gunpowder in order to stop the fire from spreading.
6 Let's rebuild our city The city is rebuilt! This time houses are built further apart to prevent another great fire from starting.

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